Integration of Automated Feeding and Milking Systems has been contracted in many live stocking barns all over Cyprus.

G. Nicolaou Mosaics

G. Nicolaou, Ergates, Nicosia, Cyprus

G. Nicolaou (Mosaics) Ltd is supported by Marios Karantonis Ltd for engineering contracting and maintenance of its marble and granite production line in Ergates Industrial Area.

American Heart Institute

American Heart Institute Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus

In collaboration with Burkhalter Technics AG, Marios Karantonis Ltd had undertaken the electrical contracting part of the project. The particular Hospital has been accredited as the most ecological friendly building in Cyprus by the time of construction, with various Green systems integrated such as Geothermal Climate System and Photovoltaic System. The whole building is controlled by a central BMS system ensuring that the energy consumption is maintained at its minimum possible level. Completed Year 2010.


Ydrokal, Limassol, Cyprus

Ydrokal Ltd is a plant nursery with 23 chambers in Kalavasos Area where a climate control system has been implemented with the usage of Programmable Logic Controllers with remote monitoring capabilities.

Orites Wind Park

Orites Wind Park, Kouklia, Paphos

Orites Wind Park is considered the biggest Wind Park in Cyprus with 82MW installed power in a total of 41 wind turbines. Marios Karantonis Ltd in collaboration with I.C. Systems S.A. has integrated the control and communication systems, enabling the user to monitor and control the functionality of the wind turbines from a central Control Room in the Wind Park. Completed Year 2010.

Solomou Nurseries

Solomou Nurseries and Solomou Garden Centre, Nisou, Cyprus

Solomou Nurseries Ltd and Solomou Garden Centre in Nisou Village Area are plant nurseries and conditioning centres with integrated automatic climate control systems.

Elmeni Quarries

Elmeni Quarries, Potamia, Cyprus

Elmeni Quarries Ltd is collaborating with Marios Karantonis Ltd from year 2000 onwards, when an automated production line was designed, integrated, commissioned and maintained until today.

Vassiliko Cement Works

Vassiliko Cement Works, Vassiliko, Cyprus

Vassiliko Cement Works Ltd is supported with products distributed by Marios Karantonis Ltd in the market, such as special cables, sensors, transducers and electrical actuated valves.

M. Natar and Sons

M. Natar & Sons, Nicosia, Cyprus

M. Natar & Sons Ltd, a major petroleum products wholesaler in Cyprus, is a client of Marios Karantonis Ltd for more than twenty years.

Latouros Quarries

Latouros Quarries, Larnaca, Cyprus

Latouros Quarries Ltd is one of the major undergoing projects of Marios Karantonis. Our collaboration had been initialised in mid ‘90s, with the design, integration and commissioning of two automated production lines with 600 tons of rock per hour feed-in capacities and operative energy efficiency of 98%. This collaboration is still active on maintenance and consulting basis.