Consulting Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Marios Karantonis Ltd specialises in providing consulting services for residential, commercial and industrial projects. Marios Karantonis Ltd offers target – oriented engineering based on consistent design logic from concept to construction supervision.

RESIDENTIAL CONSULTING is one of the consulting services available in our firm. We focus on the proposition of low-energy designs for residential projects with the implementation of low consumption lighting, LED technology, and good load balancing in the electric network. Electricity tariffs continuously rise and our firm’s target is to save energy for our customer in order to minimise the living cost of the household and eliminate the waste of electric power.

COMMERCIAL CONSULTING is another aspect of the consulting services offered by Marios Karantonis Ltd. Electricity bills hold a significant percentage on any company’s balance sheet. The consumption of electricity can be controlled by ‘smart’ technologies from Lighting Control Systems up to a custom made Building Management System (BMS). Building Management Systems can cover Lighting Control, HVAC Control, Access Control, Security Systems and Surveillance (CCTV).

INDUSTRIAL CONSULTING service covers all the operational aspects in a factory. Our firm’s experience and talent can lead a company towards its goals through energy management systems  and higher efficiency production processes.